Brighton Beach bunion surgery

Brighton Beach Bunion Surgery

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Bunion surgery in Brighton Beach

Bunions are bony protrusions, typically forming on the big toe. They are often unsightly and may cause you pain, too. There are various ways they can be treated here at Fit Feet Podiatry, including our Brighton Beach bunion surgery.

Surgery is always the last option that our foot doctor will suggest. Fortunately, it is not necessary for many cases of bunions. The reason you get one in the first place is that too much pressure is being put on the big toe joint, usually due to shoes that are too tight around the toes, such as high heels. We understand how important shoe fashion can be, but it should not take precedence over your foot health. Women get bunions more often than men do, which is at least in part because women wear high heels frequently. The only way to prevent bunions is to choose supportive and roomy footwear. Treating them can be done with orthotics, shoe inserts that take the stress off the toe joint. We make them to custom fit you, so that you can get the most benefit possible. It’s only when the combination of new footwear and orthotics fail to produce the desired outcome that our Brighton Beach bunion surgery becomes a serious consideration. It’s performed by our foot doctor who has the specialized expertise and the right equipment and instrumentation to make you confident in the results. It’s all done here at our office. You won’t need to visit a hospital, let alone have to stay overnight. Our Brighton Beach bunion surgery is strictly outpatient.

It’s essential that you are able to walk and go about your daily business without discomfort and pain. When you notice the formation of a bunion (or feel it), reach out to our office immediately and schedule an appointment for an examination, evaluation, and the appropriate treatment.

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