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Hammertoes in Brighton Beach

When your toe bends and becomes stuck that way, you are suffering with hammertoe. But you don’t have to deal with the pain and the frustration. Here at Fit Feet Podiatry, you can take advantage of our expert care to find effective solutions for hammertoe relief.

There are two states that hammertoes can be in. When they’re flexible, it means that the toe is locked in the curled position, but can still move or wiggle somewhat. More alarming is a rigid hammertoe, which has no movement available to it whatsoever. What causes them in the first place? It’s typically the result of excessive pressure put on the toe joint, though arthritis or bunions may contribute to the problem. And if you have diabetes, you are at greater risk. Don’t hesitate to get help from our Brighton Beach podiatry office. In the case of a flexible hammertoe, you can typically count on non-invasive treatments producing the desired outcome. Examples include foot orthotics, which are inserts put inside your shoes to redistribute the impact of your weight on the toe; stretching exercises; and physical therapy. If there is significant swelling, then cortisone shots could be helpful. There are also things that you can do on your own. Gently massage the toe, and apply ice to it as needed. And one of the best things you can do, both now and for the future to avoid recurrences, is to make sure that all of your shoes provide at least a half inch of space between the tip and your longest toe. Rigid hammertoes usually require surgery done at our Brighton Beach podiatry office. Fortunately, it’s a simple outpatient procedure.

When you develop hammertoe, it’s not an ideal situation, but you can turn to our Brighton Beach podiatry office for specialized and personal attention.

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