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Bushwick Foot Doctor

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Foot Doctor in Bushwick

Healthy feet, free of pain, protrusions, disease, and abnormalities is what we strive for here at Fit Feet Podiatry. Because you are either on your feet, or they are encased in shoes for a good part of the day, there is ample opportunity for problems to develop. Our Bushwick foot doctor addresses a wide array of foot issues, and provide the expert care in diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment that you can only get from a specialist.

Among the things that can impact your feet are ligament sprains and bone fractures, fungus, and growths. The results can range from discomfort to pain to inflammation and infection. Our Bushwick foot doctor understands how busy your life is, and it can make a packed schedule even more challenging if one or both feet are causing you difficulties. Some of the common conditions that are treated here are bunions, hammertoes, athlete’s foot, gout, arthritis, Achilles tendinitis, and ingrown toenails. The method of care that our Bushwick foot doctor puts into action on your behalf will be determined after an examination and x-rays, if applicable to the situation. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as using foot orthotics, inserts put in your shoes for redistributing the way your weight rests on your foot or to provide cushioning not being offered by your existing footwear. You can also benefit from minimally invasive in-office surgery, as well as the technological advancements represented by laser treatments. Our office is state-of-the-art in terms of both diagnostics and treatment, and from everyday foot injuries and conditions to sports medicine, we’re the only source you need for all your podiatry care.

At the first sign that something is wrong with your foot, when you have pain, an obvious protrusion, or a sign of possible infection, do not hesitate to contact our office so we can have you seen at the earliest opportunity.

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